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Once your appointment is confirmed you may purchase your package using Venmo (@mmp215) or Cash App ($marrymephila).  You must also fill out the terms and conditions.  Both must be received to complete your reservation.  Once we have both the payment and the T&C you will receive a confirmation and be added to our calendar.

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Thank you for visiting our website for more information on our marriage and counseling services.  We hope that you and your loved ones are doing well during this difficult time. 

Due to the Covid19 outbreak we’ve had to cut back on the services we offer.  We’ve come up with a plan, however, to make sure that we can still provide these very important services to couples in Pennsylvania. 


Several marriage license bureaus are still providing marriage licenses to couples in Pennsylvania through a virtual application process.  The following counties are participating:

(Philadelphia County is only providing marriage licenses to Philadelphia residents who have an emergency situation.  The other counties listed below are providing them to any couple according to their guidelines which you can find in the links below.  As long as the couple is marrying in Pennsylvania, the marriage license can be obtained from any county in the state – it does not have to the county in which you reside or the one we are located in.)

Bucks County
Chester County
Lancaster County
Montgomery County

Appointment must be confirmed prior to making a reservation.  All payments are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Venmo (@mmp215) or Cash App ($marrymephila)

Legal Package - $200

This package is for the validating of your marriage license only and is for just the couple.  There are two options for this package.

  1. The couple will come in person and place their marriage license through our mail slot.  We will retrieve the license and sign in your presence with a glass door barrier between us so as to adhere to social distancing and safety protocols.  You will receive your signed documents back immediately.
  2. The couple will mail or drop off their marriage license to our mailbox.  Once we have the license, we will schedule a time and day (same day and next day are possible) to have a video conference to sign the documents in your virtual presence.  We will mail back the documents to both you and the county with tracking.

Wedding Package - $300

This package also includes the validating of your marriage license.  It will also include our standard ceremony script so that you can exchange your vows and rings.  Unlimited guests are permitted to attend your ceremony using Zoom.

The couple will mail or drop off the marriage license to us and we will schedule a date and time for your ceremony once we have your documents in hand.

During our appointment time, we will sign your marriage license and then proceed to perform the ceremony.

After your wedding we will mail your documents to both you and the county with tracking.

We also provide services in Spanish.

Venmo (@mmp215) or Cash App ($marrymephila)

Weddings During Covid19

Please follow these steps to secure your marriage license and appointment with Marry Me Philadelphia.

  1. Contact the marriage license bureau of your choosing and follow their instructions to obtain a marriage license.
  2. Call, email or text us to schedule an appointment once you have your marriage license in hand.
  3. Mail or drop off your marriage license to us (we will provide you that information upon confirmation of your reservation).
  4. Virtually or physically attend your scheduled appointment dependent on the package you select.
  5. We will mail your documents to you and the county with tracking.
  6. Contact the county to obtain your certified marriage certificate.